Sitemap - 2023 - Don Surber

States warn AP about helping Hamas

Of course movies have messages

Highlights of the week

The myth of a failed presidency

All hail Haley

Harvard to Google: Drop dead

Democrats are splitting up

Irish Lives Matter

Highlights of the week

How Republicans win

Highlights of the holiday

Chicago may quit being a sanctuary city

Make a fun movie, gals

Don't anoint Milei just yet

Highlights of the week

Why be a Republican?

Jewish group bets $100 million against The Squad

Illegals vamoose and self-deport

October 7 revealed the new Nazis

What have Republicans done for us?

Highlights of the week

Why they hate Snow White

An election not worth analyzing

3 reasons why Trump is leading

Obama wants Biden out

Israel's 15 ceasefires

Highlights of the week

Our children are not for sale


World War Obama

The rise of MAGA Mike

Fight the war already, Israel

Highlights of the week

Of course Harvard supports terrorism

No time for DeSantis

404 Journalism

While we're at it, let 10-year-olds drive

The Nazis are winning

Highlights of the news

Hamas myths we should dump

An ungovernable nation

Speakership is the fight we need

Hamas went too far

The difference between Israel and Ukraine

Highlights of the week

The deprogramming began long ago

Palestine woke the world up

Donald the Inevitable

Palestinian attack was suicidal

Learn from 9/11

Highlights of the week

The child sex surgery libs oppose

Popcorn or toasted marshmallows?

McCarthy gets Liz Cheneyed

Trump is taking one for the team

Donald Trump was right

Highlights of the week

Bring back the chaos then

Telling the truth about multiculturalism

LBGT vs. Muslims

Foreign aid feeds senators

Journalists adopt lefty language

Highlights of the week

Fox wants RINOs to stop Trump

Chaturbate Nation

Corporate suicide

Biden needs to drop charges against Trump

The elite 0.2%

Highlights of the news

And just like that, Biden was too old

Biden weakens USA abroad

Abbott's buses won the battle

Tommy Tuberville's war

America doesn’t need an election; it needs an exorcism.

Highlights of the week

Kamala can win

Getting black people not to vote for Biden

The election isn't a lock, but . . .

Winning the culture war

Trump made Red China uninvestable

Highlights of the week

Mother Africa didn't want you

"Surprise, surprise. He is a dictator, just like Putin."

WVU cuts classes, not overhead

Returning to nor/mal

Liberals gloated, then reality struck

Highlights of the week

What do you mean we, Republicans?

Tranny sanity

Killing the middle class

Ukraine is destroying us

Listless? We have a list, Ron

Highlights of the week

Oops! They truthed themselves

Another trillion-dollar bailout?

Don't liberal, be happy

National Review crashes and burns over "Rich Men North of Richmond"

It's our party and we'll Trump if we want to

Highlights of the week

DeSantis for president — of Disney

Congratulations on your suicide, Baltimore

The trouble with battery-operated cars

Happy anniversary, Raid on Mar-a-Lago

How dare Americans not cheer for a team that hates the country

Highlights of the week

We should have dropped three bombs

The failure of liberalism

Biden indicts Trump to hide USA's credit rating dropping

Biden's crime family is all of DC

The desperate cry of global boiling

Highlights of the week

Count Floyd's Monster Chiller Climate Change Theater

Someone finally told Hunter no

Try That In National Review

They are rubbing our noses in their filth

Lawyers may end the trans madness

Highlights of the week

Trumpism expands to Europe

Running for President Inc.

You have no choice but Trump

The riot that sent my family to the suburbs

When Ray Charles culturally appropriated Eddy Arnold

Highlights of the week

Fire sale at Disney

Sarah Sanders for the win

Montana drops woke library association

From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Pauly

Having made her millions, a congresswoman will retire

Highlights of the week

What's the case for Chris Christie?

Politico's war with reality and The Donald

Judge orders Biden to stop censoring Real Americans

The day John Adams predicted

The bioweapon that elected Biden

Highlights of the week

Ending centuries of Harvard bigotry

Trannies erasing lesbians

The lesson of 2020

Just end the war

Another reason to vote Trump

Highlights of the week

The wages of BLM

Biden is funding the grooming

The new Never Trumpers

SJWs are on the run

Here's your apology, Guardian

Highlights of the week

Should we trust the polls?

Victory Over Pollution parade needed

End trade with Red China

What is DeSantis thinking?

Why LGBTQQIAAP2S+ is losing

Highlights of the news

Trump indicted, not Hillary, Hunter or Milley

Don't use their language

Springtime for Hitler and Ukraine-ee

Be the fascist they say you are

Democrats went after kids

Highlights of the week

Mock them till they cry

Pride? It's Accordion Awareness Month!

Why this compromise sucks

George Bush, MIA

The media protects Satanist

Highlights of the week

AP dares not ask about Ukraine

T-girls may tip the election

Already lying about Trump's second term

Ending the lies

What reparations really are about

Highlights of the week

Ukraine took our eye off the threat

Beating the Woke

Left's spin on Durham

Guns? We need to control Democrats

The Polish Plumber for the win

Highlights of the week

Media angry at CNN

Liberals sure like dead black men

Govern like a king

White supremacy. It's not just for whites anymore

Jeff Bezos Post upset that Republican does what Biden did

Highlights of the week

Keeping us confused

Supreme Court is the left's new Trump

Why these boycotts are working

Gun control? We need border control

Kennedy Jr. is a Trojan Horse

Highlights of the week

Media says voting threatens democracy

Fight the devil for Francis Eaton's sake

Die DEI, die

Fox is the Ray Epps of news

You can't win if you don't fight

Highlights of the week

End the FBI blackmail

Fox shows it is Disney Lite

Save your state, vote Republican

How Bud Light got 'Tootsie' rolled

327 who are above the law

Highlights of the week

For Democrats, failure is the only option

Biden takes the dollar down

Bud Light may tank all the woke ads

Trump's winning argument

Welcome to your nightmare, Democrats

Highlights of the week

DeSantis wants to bring back the 1950s? Cool

Joe Manchin's latest scheme

Republicans lay the groundwork for 2025 indictments

What rule of law?

Crisis breeds fascism

Blaming white Republicans

Highlights of the week

Banning the truth

Post-Trump, Biden unleashes hell

LGB without the TQ

What the media doesn't say about a mass murderer

How Trump gamed the media

Highlights of the week

Biden handed Putin to Xi

Don't save the banks

Indicting Trump is jumping the shark

No one is safe from lefty loons

Avenatti says there's no case against Trump

Winning the woke war

Highlights of the Week

Libs want a Trump-DeSantis war

The end of banking?

Newsless papers

Biden killed SVB. We're next.

Go woke. Go broke. Have the Fed bail you out.

Highlights of the Week

The myth of a Southern Strategy

The actual insurrection in DC went unpunished

Murdoch hates Fox News

Left boycotts Hershey too

Bill Maher's normality

Highlights of the Week

Tough libel laws will save journalism

Invest in New Mexico, not Ukraine

Obama begat the tranny circus

How Musk survives

Left proves Dilbert's point

The National Divorce has begun

Masks worked. They just didn't stop covid

Lefty loons take on the loony NYT

Who needs Nikki?

Biden and Zelensky celebrate their 1st anniversary

A Cabinet of Tokens

The tale of two Daily Mails

How to win next year

Foolish right-wingers

Fetterman Nation

The hot air of spy balloons

DeSantis takes on Davos

Latest lies by lefties

Lincoln freed the slaves

Biden's sanctions backfired

Rules for RINOs

The real state of the union

Hunter Biden, victim

For Founding Members Only

Saturday morning cartoons, DC style

Woke is headed for the deep sleep

DeSantis beats the devil

Tinfoil hat media

Why conservatives oppose the war

Enough with black history month

The Wit and Wisdom of John Kennedy, R-La.


Ron or Don?

Maserati Manchin's next grift

Expert gets Biden scandal all wrong

So irrelevant they won't stop talking about him

Turning California into hell

Democrats taking Biden down

Freedom dies without a bark

Bring back The Emancipation statue

Whose Vietnam is Ukraine?

Biden may be Cheneyed

The blizzard that blew away the Old West

Trump proves media wrong again

Let's not have World War Three