Sorry about stepping away from today's Bird Brain subject, but I was awake all night figuring out how Trump can lower the boom on the New York case and the exorbitant, associated damages.

Here goes:

A massive battery of lawsuits to be filed in New York by building trades on or before February 29th, demanding the civil fraud case against Trump be dropped, and seeking monetary damages.

Defendants are the people who filed suit against Trump and his New York companies in a victimless case where there is zero harm and no victims.

Defendants to be charged:

Kathy Hochel, NY Governor,

Letitia James NY Attorney General

Alvin Bragg, NY County District Attorney

The following organizations to immediately file suits demanding the Trump case be dropped:

NY Building and Construction Trades Council

NY Boilermakers

NY Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union

Ny Brotherhood of Teamsters local union

NY Carpenters and JoinersLocal Unions

NY Commercial Realtors Association

NY Concrete Workers

NY Drywall Tapers Local Union

NYElectrical Constructors

NY Elevator Workers

NY Excavation and Road Builders

NY Glazers Local Union

NY Hazard Waste Union

NY Heat and Frost Insulators

NY Iron Workers

NY Labors Union

NY Masons

NY Operating Engineers

NY Painters and Allied Trades

NY Plasters and Cement Masons Association NY Plumbing and Pipe Fitters Industry

NY Riggers

NY Roofers, Water Proofers & Allied Workers

NY Sheet Metal, Air, Rail & Transportation Workers

NY Sign Companies

NY Steel Union

NY Steamfitters Union

NY Welders

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FJB and the Birdbrain. The only guy with a snowballs chance in hell of saving this country is DJT. Unfortunately that would include saving Democrats from themselves.

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Damn! You are a great political observer and truth-teller!

I have nothing else to add!

Keep on writing and open peoples' eyes, Mr. Surber.

What a great way to start the week.

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"Or at least, that is what she tells her donor-owners. She will run for as long as they pay her."

I'm sure others here have seen the Koch Brothers announced they have stopped their funding of Nikki. Her paycheck just shrunk a chunk. The article calls it a "pause" in funding. We'll see.


Sorry for a link to a traitor network.

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just like all female candidates (so far) haley relies on her sex to garner support. it works up to a point i suppose but does that agenda really advance civilization?

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I saw what you did there….”Instead of suffering Haley Tosis, Republicans will nominate the best MAGA available.” …..First Surberism of the day….will these nuggets be gathered like Menckenisms of yore? Maybe the tone is more like a Will Rogerthat-ism…

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When the Democrat party signed onto their pact with devil to acquire all

Power unto themselves at any cost, they glossed over the clause in the Terms & Agreements where it states:

“After performing most of the necessary steps in this Agreement to acquire and maintain power, At a certain point, at a time to be determined, it will become necessary for you to go full Totalitarian, in order to complete your stated mission, and thus fully, and with ruthless abandon, crush all remnants of dissenters and all those who will steadfastly refuse to comply.”

I can’t help feeling that even speculating about the next election is a distraction, as it poses such a threat to the Left’s determination to maintain power by any means necessary.

The “powers that be” who are bent on total control of the US are composed of a vast international network, consisting chiefly of IC operatives who are extremely nervous that their well-laid plans are gravely threatened, will do whatever it takes to see to it that it never happens.

This is not new, they have been amassing power for decades, and they are so close now after the last 4 years of their clandestine effort in taking the prize of prizes, the USA, that nothing will be off the table for them to attain and maintain what power they have.

We will continue to go through the motions of a campaign year, and while it is vital to be a voice of opposition to their despotic tactics, be prepared for anything.

We are in totally uncharted waters.

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I’m getting very tired of hearing about Nikki.

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"Trikki Nikki is a reminder of how awful the Republican Party is"

As awful as she is, she is representative of the GOPe in the most positive light.

"She won’t get 86% of the Democrat vote in November unless they nominate her."

...which will not happen - can you imagine the outrage if the Democrats threw The Cackler over for a former Republican? One woman-of-colour for another - and an imposter, at that!

She won't get even half of that 86% courtesy of RFK, Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein.

As for the poll, the truth is painful for those who live on, and traffic in lies.

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I repeat myself but I have seen Nikki up close. Birdbrain yes. Deer in the headlights look, yes. Working the system for fame and fortune, yes. *** Whenever I observe someone in an environment where it is obvious they are out of their element and they know it, but they continue on the chosen path, I know that person lacks moral character. *** Holding that view, I laughed when the recent allegations of Nikki's affairs arose. *** Anyone who has ever been to an event where Trump spoke, has known he is the unstoppable nominee. He owns the GOP base. *** Nikki has been to such events. She has been trounced in her home state. Yet she vows to carry on. *** Koch brothers/Americans for Prosperity have stopped funding her. Democrats and Never Trumpers remain to fund her game but not for long. She has become an embarrassment even to her backers. She will be gone within two weeks. *** Until the SC primary, Nikki served as a convenient Trump foil. Being destroyed on her home turf makes her irrelevant. The media machine keeping her going will fade along with the money. *** If Trump is jailed to keep him from campaigning, he gets an automatic win. Didn't the Biden Basement campaign prove that? *** The Left as a group would love to see Trump in jail. They forget the adage, "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it." If Trump is jailed, people who never voted before will be among the hoards flocking to the polls to elect him.

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First, George Santos needed to go. Even the GOP has limits on what lying they will allow. As for Halley, if soccer moms are her biggest backers then what the hell is wrong with those soccer moms? Im tired of hearing about the soccer mom vote. These are some of the worst “thinkers” in the country apparently. Someone tell their husbands it’s time for an intervention. Do they not “get it”? Anyway, Halley will continue with her dark money campaign and eventually probably switch and run as an independent to suck votes from Mr. Trump in the General election. That’s really what her backers want. Her true colors are apparent. Shes a RINO like too many in the GOP today. We are no longer the party of Lincoln. We are the Dem-lite party because fixing a broken country is hard work but wasting money in the guise of doing something is easy.

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Best. Poll. Ever! Now I can go back into the living room.

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A couple of edits needed today, Don.

"Thinking she can win the general election but not the primary *at* makes no sense"

"and the central government controlling more of our everyday *lies*"

Maybe the second one was intentional? We sadly live in an age of lies, that's for sure. Great observations as always, thanks, Don.

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“Anybody with any intelligence at all can see that moral things are more important than intellectual things.”

—G.K. Chesterton

NeverTrumpers puzzle me. I mean, what is their end game? And why do they insist on clinging to their decaying carcass wing of the GOP? Why don’t they just “come out” of the dem closet? After all, they seem to share identical values with the looney left.

It seems to me that they have allowed their snobby intellectualism to destroy the best hope to restore our country to sanity and, in the process, have willed themselves mad.

Perhaps NeverTrumpers should check their snobbery, put on their intellectual hats (if they can find them), and return to “moral things.”

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Trikki Nikki in no way represents the Republican Party. She is more like the embarrassing relative you can do nothing about. Southern states are rife with politicians/office holders who have R's after their names as a matter of necessity to get elected. She is one of those. They are dangerous people. Trump '"lost" Georgia in 2020 because of several such people.

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There is no path for Haley to win. Even if she was the last person on earth she wouldn’t vote for herself.

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