“Burns has the depth of an ant’s bathtub”. Good one Don!! 🤣🤣

Kevin Sorbo’s comment about sexual harassment in the workplace and teaching sex and perversion to young boys and girls not being sexual harassment is excellent! Sorbo is a sharp guy!

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Woke is woke. It is all around us. Only now people are seeing how we can fight back. Even the liberals are seeing how wokeness is destructive of our American culture. I think you missed Don's point. This column is good and pointed like most of his columns. All of the one's I've read were that way.

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Excellent column.

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There’s more of us than them. Fighting back finally is a good thing.

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This weekend in NZ is Treaty of Waitangi Day where in theory all New Zealanders join together to celebrate the signing of the treaty between the 500 odd chiefs of NZ and the British Crown, that guaranteed citizenship to all and equal rights under that law.

That was then. This is now.

Like the animals on George Orwell’s farm, some radicals are attempting to demonstrate that they are more equal than others.

In the process that have managed to turn the celebration into a shamefest, with accusations of colonialism and demands for reparations in the name of indigenous rights and equity.

Sound familiar?

Now for the good news.

People in general, (polls suggest about 80%), have had enough of the nonsense, and choose to ignore all the theatrical demonstrations up North.

They simply enjoy the holiday for what it is and let the woke dance around their pinheads.

Good times.

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The liberals are playing the long game. They are Indoctrinating the masses to marxist culture in every aspect of society. M&Ms, BBB campaigns etc are just market surveys for those in power to know which areas of society need to be "re-educated" more. We are going the way of the Dodo birds. But there is hope. I understand they are going to bring the now extinct birds back through cloning. Can we next clone George Washington?

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