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Dan, I will forever miss the six days/week highlights of the news…. But I am thoroughly enjoying your long, thought-provoking articles. Your ability to reinvent yourself and continue connecting with your many readers is impressive and admirable!


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Wow. I do miss your Highlights. But your daily history lesson about relevant daily news motivates this night owl to rise before dawn. I've cut the cable cord and forsaken NYT, WSJ, Time, etc. because your project satisfies my news obsession. Combined with my lifetime subscription to EPOCH TIMES, and surfing YOUTUBE for my favorite talking heads I'm satisfied. May you LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

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Excellent column, as always, Don.

Goebbels may be dead but his ideological heirs are alive and well.

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Update from New Zealand.

Jacinda has gone. Resigned. There was no major protest after last January’s debacle. That’s not how we do things in Godszone. But everywhere the toothy tyrant went in public she was either challenged or ignored.

I’m inclined to believe that she hated that the most. The people had learned to despise her and have nothing to do with her. Like all bullies she was a coward and could not face the approaching election season.

At the end the only events she attended in person were at kindergartens and schools.

New Zealanders are like Canadians.

People confuse our quiet decency as weakness.

Narrow shouldered, chest less, tofu eating liberals are mistaken.

Our National sport is Rugby.

Canadians play hockey, Americans, the NFL.

We are not sissies.

The fourth turning is at hand.

This will not end well for the “New World Order” elite.

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I wasn't going to comment because I am so disgusted with the profession that I was part of and loved. I don't even know what to say anymore. I think a lot of the fault is with the education system and with the reality now that journalists know nothing about the communities they are supposed to be serving. It's now a profession staffed by the upper class serving their power brokers.

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The issue goes back to education. Most journalist are poorly educated lazy souls, yet their egos think they are all geniuses. Generally, they are the students who took an easy path through college and partied most nights.

Journalism hasn’t changed since the William Randolph Hearst days. It’s a combination of the National Enquirer +TMZ. It is owned by the Democratic Party, which is owned by George Soros, who is owned by China. Don is a rare exception (don’t know about the partying in college though).

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Other tin foil hat truths

Ivermectin is effective

Our elections are secure and Trump, Kari Lake and many other won BIGGLY

There is no real difference between democrats and Republicans in DC

Pedophile pizza gate is real

CIA killed Kennedy

Seth Rich was killed by deep state

Clinton inspired Arkanside

Did I miss any?

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Hi Surbs, a bit of American Pie: But February made me shiver. With each email I’d deliver to Humana and Blue Cross. Bad news to their doorstep. They wouldn't make the right step. I can’t remember if I cried the day my 5th hero said I lied, but something touched me deep inside. The day compassion died. For my surrender, click my subsubstack.

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Don, you need to dig into the Chicongo murders solved thing. 797 murders, 400 cleared, doesn't mean solved. Among those cleared were a number from a decade or more prior. Most of them weren't solved, in some they determined that a dead person was the perp. One case was over fifty years old. Chances are that the perp died long ago. In other words, there is no probability of solving it.

Less than 200 of their 797 murders were solved, really solved. They can blame a dead blood for a crip killed the week before and call it cleared.

Chiraq is gang war city. Wall it up, lock them in and drop supplies of ammo until only one remains, then charge him with the last guy's death.

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The new newspaper of record is here!

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Boy, has the jab EVER been advertised. I love listening to Howie Carr in the afternoons, but if I listen live, I have to endure ENDLESS PSA's urging me to get the jab on I Heart Radio. Really wrecks the listening experience.....

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Feb 2, 2023·edited Feb 2, 2023

Don, you dirty old so-and-so...

You got me. Got me good.

I swore I'd never sign up and pay for written content, but here I am. You are my first and chances are damned high that you are my last.

I love what you write. We've exchanged emails, mildly disagreed on Trump until you explained the point you were making and at the end of the day your writing makes that day a little better.

I will truly miss your daily highlights of the news, but the time and energy you were able to put into your last article might be worth it. If you do a truncated or once a week version, it'd be very appreciated.

I hope this model is more lucrative and self-satisfying. Happy to be part of the Surber nation.



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I voted wrong but I've got stock in Reynolds.

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Poll: I vote "both."

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