Good that you are over here (I believe you can upload content from most other blog services to Substack which you better do) but I beg to differ on what you wrote ;)

Tales From the Great Reset: Inside an Election Fraud Brainstorming Session

- Election fraud needs a Great Reset. I secretly sat in on a state Secretary of State brainstorming session as they try to come up with new ideas to make election fraud great again for the Midterms!


Inside a GOP Brainstorming Session on How to Sabotage Their Chances of Winning an Election (Tales From the Great Reset)

- Snatching defeat from the jaws of an election victory needs a Great Reset. I secretly sat in on a GOP brainstorming session to come up with new ideas to sabotage their chances of winning the midterms!


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Great post Don...my one concern is that the (R)s, especially the RINOs, may punt the election so that they can keep their coveted minority positions in Congress.

MAGA seems to be the only political hope the Republic has other than the ginormous incompetence of the Lefties.

Glad to see you on Substack sir!!!

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Graphics are great on substack compared to G-blog where you have to swat popup ads like flies…

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