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The GOP is not interested in winning as much as they are in keeping their membership in the Swamp Club. That’s where the power, wealth, privilege, and influence are. They don’t get to occupy the White House, but they get to play in the yard.

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As Shakespeare said, “Thou doth protest too much, methinks.” (Used to indicate that someone is only denying something so fervently because the opposite is actually true.)

If DJT were not a threat, and did not stand a chance of winning, then why all the anguish and handwringing at the mere thought of it?

No, no. They know darn well he is an enormous threat and will do all in their power - which is formidable - to crush him.

But always remember his most notable quote: “It’s not so much me they’re after: it’s you. I’m just in the way.”

We ignore that at our own peril.

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I think it highly unlikely DeSantis will challenge Trump.

I am a member of the Palm Beach County Republican party as a rank and file member of the Republican Executive Committee and a Regional Director District 7.

Gov. DeSantis cannot defeat Pres. Trump in a primary without Palm Beach County Republican Votes and there is little, if any, support for such a divisive primary.

Ron DeSantis is Governor 2018 because of Trump 2016. No Trump; No DeSantis and everyone in the Palm Beach County Republican Party knows that.

"I will support the man who started the movement" Gail Olsen Republican Activist in Palm Beach County. Gail Olsen is a longtime Republican activist who managed a recent campaign for House District 88. Her comments represent the thinking of many, including me. I worked with Gail and the candidate Roz Stevens. They are America First/MAGA Trump 2024.

In the Palm Beach County Republican Party, there is overwhelming support for Trump 2024. NOT DeSantis 2024. I am not aware of anyone active in Palm Beach County Republican politics that supports a DeSantis challenge to Trump.

Such a challenge would split Palm Beach County Republican activists, both in leadership, and rank and file.

DeSantis was just re-elected to a FOUR year term. We, in Florida, need him.

The Palm Beach County Chairman Michael Barnett has said, publicly, that he will, personally, support Donald Trump for President.

Typically, the PBC Executive Committee does NOT make endorsements in the primary but I think Chairman Barnett's views are widely shared as far as I know. I know other activists, who both work and who contribute significant amounts of money and time, are supporting Trump 2024

Club 45 is the largest Trump organization in the country and will draw a 1000 people to its monthly meetings and the organization and its Board are solidly Trump 2024. It is located in Palm Beach County and has its monthly meetings at Palm Beach Airport Hilton.

(Larry and Sue Snowden and Joe Budd as well as Linda Stoch are accessible; all are active in leadership with Palm Beach County Republican Party) .Club 45 is aligned with Palm Beach Republican Party.

Club 45 USA, Inc is a non-profit corporation formed to support the agenda of our 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Our club is the largest “Trump Club” in the nation with meeting attendance often exceeding 2,000 people. We meet monthly with an agenda that strives to provide top notch speakers, educational events & programs for our membership. Our goals include keeping Donald Trump supporters in our county connected and engaged and to support current and future endeavors of Donald J. Trump.

Additionally, our club is very active in our support of the re-election efforts of Ron DeSantis as Governor of Florida.


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Not a peep in the media about Obama's friendship with anti-Semite and racist Al Sharpton (Crown Heights riot, Freddy Fashion Mart fire and 7 deaths,) Jesse Jackson't Hymietown comments or anti Semite and racist Louis Farrakhan who also is friendly with Eric Holder, Maxine Waters and the Black Caucus.

Nobody knew who Nick Fuentes was but Al Sharpton, Rev Wright and Louis Farrakhan have become wealthy as hate spewing leftist loudmouths.

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President Trump is electable.

However nowadays, sad to say, in this banana republic, the president is appointed, not elected.

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Everyone asks Republicans and Trump to denounce this group or that guy (Fuentes, David Duke, Proud Boys etc.)

Has a democrat ever been asked to denounce Louis Farikhan, reverend Wright, Antifa or BLM? No! And they wouldn't. I loathe most Republicans as I do Democrats. There's a handful worth a damn and besides Trump most are women (not that it matters... just an observation)

Great post Don

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I'm eternally grateful to Donald Trump for his governance, and for moving the Overton window of what is possible in politics. But middle-class, middle-aged women, who could be reached by other candidates, have made up their minds about him, making his reelection a very heavy lift, and not at all a sure thing. If we nominate him and he loses, with or without fraud, the R party will be in disarray, and the new D president will likely get 8 years. And a conservative S. Ct. justice will likely die during that time. Too much is at stake, and Trump really does a lot of dumb things.

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Never-Trumper Morrissey is among the last people I would take advice from. Sorry bub. MAGA.

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Nothing else matters until we do voting (or should I say ballot collection) properly. No repub or MAGA will win until we get in the mud and collect votes legally or illegally like the progressives do. Failure to realize this will only cause more pain for us. For good measure we need some white hat IT folks to re-rig the Dominion machines while we are at it. Failure to do this will lead to failure for the Republic to survive. The Dems and RINO's will stoop to new low levels to keep their power--they know if MAGA takes over, their illegalities will come to light and they will be hit with treason . The question is for MAGA--do we have the guts to play dirty??

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Thanks for the excellent read, Don.

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Don, they don't hate Trump personally as much as they fear that his being embedded again will give we--the American conservative masses, real power to "trump" their faux complicit game in DC.

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Well said!

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Republicans can not win without Trump supporters but Republicans can win without a substantual number of Independent voters. Policies espoused by Trump are more popular than Trump himself. The trick is to nominate a candidate who supports these policies with out Trumps baggage. That candidste is zRon DezSant

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Love your stuff. And I know I am getting boring. Trump has no path to winning in the general. I've been asking for a month now - looking for articles showing the path and strategy - looking for any Trump supporters to say how he wins in 24.


Nothing. I'm still waiting. I realize this means that old Joe is winning the 24 election, because it is clear that Trumps most ardent supporters will vote for him and only him. That's why the senate will at best be split, because Trump supporters didn't vote for Oz, who Trump endorsed.

So sorry folks, 24 is setting up for another disappointment. If I am DeSantis I'd probably wait, because while he could win the general - getting the votes he needs in Georgia, Virginia and maybe Arizona - he needs Trump voters in PA, WI and NV, and they have already showed they will stay home in PA. I just don't see any path for a GOP nominee to win the general in 24.


I'm still happy to listen to any Trump supporter who can demonstrate how he wins in GA, VA, MI, PA, WI, AZ, NV

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"I don’t care if Republicans win or not because the party is run by liars who say one thing, do another and blame someone else. That is the triple crown of perfidy. Maybe Republicans cannot win with Trump. I do not know that. What I can guarantee you is Republicans cannot win without Trump supporters. If he does not win the nomination, we become free agents."

I became a free agent after the 2020 election steal. I now keep a mental "black book" of Texas RINOs and once a name goes in, I will never vote for them again under any circumstances, either at the state or federal level. In the recent election I refused to vote for the incumbent Republican Governor, Lieutenant Govenor, and United States Representative for my congressional district. Frig 'em!

And that goes double for Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell!

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