"Ok, I think that is enough brainstorming for having an election Great Reset. Aside from the usual election fixes, here are the new ideas I have on the list to propose to the Administration:

- Have Monkeypox sufferers spread the disease at Wal-Mart, Cracker Barrel, and Chick-fil-A to ensure a pandemic by Election Day. Then we cancel both voting and the dropping of ballots off in person to force MAGA domestic terrorist voters to use the mail.

- To vote in person, you must be tested for and fully vaccinated and boosted for both COVID and Monkeypox.

- We eliminate all smaller precincts in favor of super precincts or big vote counting centers.

- We let voters vote in person or turn their ballots in where ever they want.

- We eliminate most precinct committee positions and make them appointed positions like they just did in Arizona.

- We run out of paper ballots in MAGA precincts and steer stupid MAGA domestic terrorist voters to a paperless voting machine.

- Encourage or have MAGA domestic terrorist voters go postal at a polling place on or before Election Day or stage an ‘insurrection’ at a vote counting center.

- Prevent suspected domestic terrorists or those already on domestic terrorist watch lists from being poll watchers.

- Ignore any court order from a Trump judge for as long as possible.

- Replace the little old ladies working at polling places and counting the votes with drag queens who look like they have Monkeypox.

- Install bigger drop boxes and have them on every street corner.

- Do what downstate Illinois did during the 1968 elections when Nixon won, wait for all the MAGA precincts to tally and report their votes first.

- Have a few election offices or vote counting centers mysteriously catch on fire like food processing plants.

- An alien invasion or Roswell New Mexico incident happens on or just after Election Day.

- A cyber attack blamed on Putin takes out our State’s electric and communications grid, stops voting or vote counting and starts World War III. "

Tales From the Great Reset: Inside an Election Fraud Brainstorming Session

- Election fraud needs a Great Reset. I secretly sat in on a state Secretary of State brainstorming session as they try to come up with new ideas to make election fraud great again for the Midterms!


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They are just practicing their magical powers.

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The polls in 2016 did not have Clinton way ahead. They had her 3 EVs ahead in the final "No Toss Ups" RCP averages. Trump won in an EV landslide +77. So the polls were indeed wrong by 80 EVs.

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The gargoyles are after you Don !

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